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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll hear from him coming up. >> reporter: the chp asking for the public's help this morning as you head out to work after a man was killed in a very strange accident in his car on interstate 580. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you how it happened coming up. some folks finish their day as you are getting ready to start your day. we are having a little shakeup for 880 in the east bay and also in the south bay. that is coming up. hold on to your steering wheel this morning. winds are still strong and hold on. you are almost to that three-day weekend. your full forecast coming up in moments. a live look outside. san jose hp pavilion. you made it to thursday, may 23rd. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. despite heavy rain and severe
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thunderstorms, the first funeral being planned for one of the ten children killed during monday's devastating tornado down in moore, oklahoma. "today in the bay's" jody hernandez is in moore and joins us live on the phone. good morning. i have to imagine it has to be very difficult to put into words what this community is going through. >> it certainly is going to be a very emotional day. i'll tell you right now, we are seeing a severe storm hitting moore, oklahoma. it is hitting as we speak. that's why we are not live for you. we are on the phone. we are seeing a lot of thunder, a lot of lightning out here. we took some cell phone video, so you can get an idea of what we are experiencing out here. we are also told that possible hail could be coming this morning as well. this weather has brought the cleanup effort to a halt for the time being as cleanup crews and news crews seek cover. the weather will slow down the
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efforts of families trying to collect and salvage their belongings from the rubble. there was sort of a mad rush to do that yesterday before the stormy weather hit. every day has an emotional out. today will be specially emotional as the first funeral is held for one of the young members, a 9-year-old, one of the nine children that died when a tornado struck the plaza towers elementary school will say their final good-byes today. she was found clinging to a friend who also died at this school. now, this will be the first of a dozen funerals. now, this morning, the family of another young victim, 9-year-old jenee hornsby that died at the plaza towers is sharing what they are going through. she lost her mother just last year. so it was very hard. >> janae was a special kid.
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knowing we won't see her no more. >> devastating. it's hard. jenee was nine. not to mention, we just buried her mom a year ago. to go through this again is hard. it is. >> are you guys there? i am not sure if we are still connected. >> yes, we can hear you. >> reporter: it's very stormy out here. the children of plaza towers will also be reuniting today. a parent tells me the children and their teachers are going to be meeting up at another school later this morning to close out the school year and comfort each other. that will certainly be an emotional for them. this is the first time the children will be coming together. we are told that's going to be taking place at another school
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later this morning. again, right now, we are seeing severe weather rolling through moore, oklahoma, putting the cleanup efforts to a halt at least for the time being. reporting live in oklahoma, i'm jody hernandez. we are going to send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much for that report. we are also following a developing story in london. the brutal killing of a british soldier in what authorities are now calling a terrorist attack. marla tallez in the room for the latest on the attack and what the prime minister is saying. >> into the long ago, prime minister, david cameron, took to the podium and said what the british have witnessed on a neighborhood street is sickening. he said, first and foremost, his thoughts are with the victim and the victim's family. overnight, many new developments, including british police confirming the man brutally attacked yesterday afternoon by two men was a soldier and he is expected to be identified later today. also new, overnight, officers carrying out raids at two
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addresses in nearby greenwich, which is not far from woolich where it happened. this is not related to the two suspects who are currently in custody. we are waiting to find out more about that. the bbc is reporting both s suspects, one seen here, they are british citizens with nigerian connections. police say terrorism was their motivation. prime minister cameron said british intelligence may have been aware of them before yesterday's attack. the people who did this were trying to divide us. they should know something like this will only bring us together and make us stronger. the police have responded with heightened security and activity. that is right but one of the best ways of defeating terrorism is to go about our normal lives. that is what we shall all do. >> one of the heroes in yesterday's attack is this
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48-year-old woman. this mother here. you can see her confronting one of the suspects. look at this. officials say she so bravely got off of a bus that was forced to stop because of the chaos and she went straight to the attackers trying to keep them calm. sh morning, she appeared on a british talk show. >> that's what he had and blood all over him. i thought, what the heck happened there? >> again, she is a 48-year-old woman. she is a mother. i mentioned that. i also want to point out that she is a cub scout leader. just an absolutely courageous, brave woman there. as for the two suspects, they remain in serious condition in the hospital this morning. they are being guarded by british police. police say they plan to interview them later today. laura and jon. >> what a bizarre scene and what a hero that woman is. >> fire crews in the south bay mopping up after a house fire in san jose. they broke out at 1:15.
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firefighters say it appears to have started in the garage of that home and then it spread up to the attic. at this hour, no word just yet on the exact cause of the fire but we are happy to report, nobody was hurt. >> it is 5:07. the boy scouts of america could make history today. they are voting on whether to change their long standing policy on openly gay scouts. 1400 members of the national council are deciding on a resolution that would not exclude boys based on their sexual orientation but the ban on gay adult leaders will stay in place. the controversial policy made headlines last year after a boy scout, ryan andreson was denied his eagle scout award because he is gay. we are at friday eve. what are we looking at for the weekend? >> we are looking at sleeping in. anybody who is watching us right now, unless you are just rounding out your day. good morning to you.
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thanks for watching us no matter what time it is, no matter what you are doing. we thank you. 49 degrees in san francisco. 46 to start the day in napa. 49, san jose. 47, sunnyvale. you probably want a coat or a jacket. in addition to the cold, we have a windchill factor. that makes it feel cooler. winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour. as we head throughout the day, your futurecast tells the story. at about 4:00, winds will be at their strongest. instead of seeing the hot pinks, the 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts, we are going to trade those in for 30-40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. getting those strong gusty winds at the higher elevation, not quite as fierce as the wind we saw yesterday. we did have that fire in san jose. we want to remember, it is getting to that time of year where it is the best of our fire safety. you are going to be kamping. make sure that campfire is out before you leave for holiday. 71 degrees in redwood city.
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stick around. i have those numbers for you. it is going to be very different at the coast versus inland as we get into this weekend. have that forecast coming up. 5:09. if you are going out that front door, we want you to help. >> good news for oakland. the tail lights were jammed up for 15 minutes as crews started to clear for 98 passing about i the coliseum. the map shows you past the coliseum heading north into downtown as the crews continue to lift and end their night starting our work day. 580 clear westbound through dublin. no problems. a little slowing. 84, 680 down towards sunol around that interchange, north of there. we do have a disabled vehicle. actually, four or five possibly on the shoulder. there is likely some debris, guys. we are tracking this. we will look at the san mateo bridge gusty conditions. back to you. a bay area investigator asking for your help trying to
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solve a deadly crash with some very strange circumstances during yesterday's morning commute. a driver was killed after a large metal pipe crashed right through his windshield. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live near the accident scene in livermore. she has more details on the ongoing investigation. good morning, christi. >> reporter: you are exactly right. this was a strange accident. a driver was killed when a metal rod flew right through the windshield of the car he was driving. it happened yesterday morning around 8:00, a very busy time for interstate 580. it is already getting busy out here. a heavily traveled route. a lot of trucks out here. the chp is hoping that you might remember something that you saw yesterday around that time as you head out this morning. the driver was 33-year-old michael cox of lodi. he is the father of three. he worked as a regional salesman for a medical manufacturer. the initial call came in. it was just a car up an
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embankment on 580 westbound just west of grant line road. a metal pipe had gone through the windshield of his volvo wagon killing him. it was around three feet long often used by truckers to tighten down straps holding down cargo on the back of flatbed trucks. that doesn't say exactly where it came from. >> we have nothing right now. we have no idea whether it came off of a truck or a trailer or if it was laying within the roadway and kicked up by another vehicle. >> chp is used to seeing debris hitting bumpers and damaging cars. certainly, loads must be secured on trucks but there are still so many unanswered questions about where this came from. again, chp asking you to think about. what happened yesterday as you head out this morning. reporting live in livermore, christi smith, "today in the bay." >> all right, christi, what a freak, scary accident out there. it is 5:11 out there. while housing prices are on the
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rise, it is not enough incentive for bay area homeowners to sell. the new report out this morning that explains why next. we will also tell you about a turf war waging on the peninsula. all the details coming up next. jennifer lopez starts selling cell phones. we will take a look at why coming up.
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welcome back. low equity cob the driving force behind the incredibly hot seller's market. a report by zillo says a lot of homeowners still have very low equity levels and they are not willing to sell. a homeowner would need about 20% equity to be able to put a house out on the market and cover a down payment on the next home. real estate fees and all the other expenses that go with selling a house. that has a lot of homes off the market. low inventory combined with historically low interest rates
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has bay area home buyers bidding up prices for what little is available. >> very interesting to see. it is 5:14 right now. the stock market could have a rough time of it today as investors wonder if the fed will keep feeding the meter. scott mcgrew joins us now. they have to quit easy money sometime. >> it doesn't have to be now. does it have to be soon? >> more evidence that what's happening on the stock market is about fed quantitative easing. ben bernanke hinted that the federal open market committee won't keep buying debt forever. he was speaking before congress where he said pretty explicitly, it is mostly the government's fault that is holding the economy back. what economists want to see is a strong stock market, a strong economy as well. those aren't the same thing, remember. the economy is people trading money back and forth. if all of us are saving because we are uncertain or nervous about jobs or under water on our houses like john was talking about, well, that's going to be a big problem. with all that in mind, let's
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check in with seema mody. she is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. good morning, scott. as you pointed out, futures are sharply lower after stocks fell on wednesday on comments by fed chairman, ben bernanke suggesting that they could start tapering the economic stimulus programs. it is a sea of red when you take a look at the global hamarket picture. japan's nikkei index, take a look. dropping 7%, the biggest decline in two years. in terms of other data that the traders will react to, we get data on unemployment, manufacturing and new home sales. the dow, which had been up 150 points, closed down 80 to close at 15,307, the biggest intraday swing since 2008. the nasdaq closed at 3453. setting ourselves up for another big market day. back to you. jennifer lopez going to open
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a chain of cell phone stores. they will be called viva mobile. high-end cell phones under the verizon contract staffed fully by bilingua adults. 75% of has spispanic adults own cell phone. there will be ten of them. >> do you know why? >> because there is money there. >> because we like to talk. we have a lot to say. >> how about viva mobile. i thought you were saying she is selling a cell phone but an entire cell phone. >> she wears that gold dress, i will buy whatever she is selling. >> that's her idea probably. >> we like to talk and she is
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j jeni from the block. she probably enjoys coming to the bay area as so many celebrities do. why? because of the beautiful weather, specially this time of year. it is 5:18. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. you usually hear us talking about meteorologists across the bay area, what we call may gray. we usually get 10-15 days with mostly cloudy conditions. usually, that is the case toward the end of may. that hasn't been the case so far this month. in fact, it has been a really windy month. today, those winds are strong yet again. we want to point out. it is thursday, so close to the getaway friday. we have a three-day weekend. no flight delays out of sfo. you saw how crystal clear it is. it is a lack of low clouds. it is perfect out there. you are going to find some delays trying to get over to the midwest. chicago, o'hare, has a weather system coming through there. you want to check ahead with your carrier throughout the day. a weather system to the northeast.
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winds are still pretty strong, mostly about six miles per hour sustained and 25 miles per hour in novato. kind of a blustery day. we are not going to see the winds quite as strong as yesterday. we had gusts in excess of 65 miles per hour in point reyes. we are not going to see the winds quite as strong. strong enough to knock you around in your high-profile vehicle this morning. hold on to the steering wheel. we are going to check on your drive. 49 in san jose. a cool day. the cool ocean air will continue to pump on shore with an area of low pressure sitting to our north as we head throughout the weekend. it is finally going to start to budge. we will be able to warm up as long as we stay with that area to our north. temperatures aren't going to be able to climb out of the 70s. cooler than average memorial day holiday here in the bay area. keep that in mind. not too bad. specially, if you wanted to have any sort of outdoor activity planned inland. it won't be too bad. 68, monday. 66, bayside. 57 at the coast. let's take a look at your drive. good morning, mike.
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let me show you this shot. shaky a bit. i hope you take your dramamine while you are eating. 101 southbound with the tail lights away from the folks coming off of the lower deck. we turned the camera. reports of a crash somewhere. a light volume of traffic. i am show you where a crash is reported, some activity might be off on the shoulder. this area has seen yellow painted over it which indicates heavier winds along the coast. the highway has been closed for a couple of days. smooth drive for the bay bridge. no problems at the berkeley curve. typical overnight traffic but no unusual slowing. headed toward the san mateo
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bridge, watch as it slows toward the toll plaza. wind advisory, dumbarton bridge. same warning for folks over the san mateo bridge. 880 has crews starting to clear here. we will end with a shot at the authority bay where things are very nice. easy drive for 101. 5:21 right now. a bit of a turf war is starting to brew out on the peninsula. a community meeting being held in san carlos to discuss the latest renovation plans for crestview park. the $1.7 million renovation includes a synthetic curve on that athletic field. some neighbors say they don't want another, quote, plastic park. the group, save san carlos park, is now collecting signatures hoping to convince the city to plant seeds so they could have natural grass instead of the plays tic plastic turf. this is the first time after a decade of debate. >> this is interesting at 5:21.
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a growing trend. we are going to tell you just how many women say they would be perfectly happy breaking up over a text message. >> i am sure the guys wouldn't be so happy.
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you are watching "today in the bay." should you be able to give your consent to have your dna analyzed. it is an issue a state senate committee will be considering. senate bill 222 would require a donor's consent to collect, analyze or share any genetic information. under current law, consent is not required. it is aimed at country's that offer maternity testing and other screenings with or without a person's knowledge. major research universities like stanford and cal are fighting the bill claiming it will create unnecessary red tape. we will be learning more about
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the most dangerous beaches right here in california. hilda bail releasing its 2013 beach report card. they will highlight the ten most polluted beaches in california. hilda bay surveys beaches up and down the state looking at the bacteria levels in the water to determine which are most polluted. breaking up is never easy. thanks to a little device, it may be less of a headache. according to a news survey, 50% of women have or would consider ending their relationships from their smart phone. the group most likely to do it, 18-25-year-olds. >> that makes sense. >> special media also playing a role in heartbreak. the majority of 4,000 women surveyed said they looked at photos, interest and online comments to make their decision. >> here is what i think about that. it is the sign of the times, kind of cold-blooded and i this i it is a copout.
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that's my thought. >> brett tried to break up with me on the answering machine. >> it obviously didn't work too well. 15 answers later, three triplets. >> 16 years this summer. >> congratulations we want to check the forecast. he is sleeping in so i know i can tell that story. >> good thing. good morning. temperatures are nice and breezy this morning. we have a windchill factor, in other words. we have 40s and in addition to the wind, it is making you feel about 5-10 degrees cooler. depending on where you live. novato is where the wind is the strongest. at 25 miles per hour, your full forecast in a moment. check your drive with mike. i will take a look at fremont. that's head lights go past this flag at the bottom of your screen. we have gusts of winds watching your bay area bridges. farther east, the tri-valley area. we are slowing south 680 down past the sunol exit. we still have the four or five other vehicles with the flat tires through the area. we are still watching for more
5:27 am
reports and debris. 84 through livermore shows a little slowing. westbound, you have your slowing. eastbound, it slows a bit as you are heading towards vasco. this is more of a concern. we have two of your four lanes blocked east 580, greenville. closer to north flint, between those two exits. that may be causing a big slowdown in a few minutes. back to you. 5:27. new report released overnight describes a possible cause in the deadly garment factory collapse in bangladesh, what the government is recommending happen to the building's owner. we will hear from the woman that took this video, happening just moments after the brutal killing. the single mother of two explains why she felt the need to jump in and capture the confession next.
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brand new developments out
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of london regarding london's terror attack. we will hear from prime minister, david cameron. fierce wind continues to pump through the bay area. we have a small craft advisory in place. changes just in time for the holiday weekend. your full forecast is coming right up. from san francisco, it is thursday, may 23rd. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. we are following a developing story right now in london. a british soldier is killed in what authorities are now calling an attack, a terrorist attack. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is in the newsroom right now. she has details following david cameron speaking. in my last report, i said that prime minister, david cameron, said that british intelligence may have had their
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eye on the two suspects prior to yesterday's attack. just into our newsroom, the "associated press" is reporting that according to a british government official, both men were, in fact, part of previous security services investigations for possible terror links. the official saying he cannot provide other details, because the suspect may face trial. the men are still in serious condition in a british hospital today. they are under guard by police and officials plan to interview them later today. one of the suspects caught on this cell phone video here which we have blurred simply because it is just too graphic. his hands are bloodied and he is carrying knives, the knives used to brutally attack the british soldier in broad daylight on a neighborhood street. prime minister, david cameron, addressed the terrorist attack and expressed his continued support for british intelligence. >> i know from three years of being prime minister, that the police intelligence services worked around the clock to keep us safe from violent extremists.
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i watched their work every week. they do an outstanding job. they show incredible heroism, much of which cannot be reported. they have my strong support and the support of the whole country. >> reporter: overnight, british police raided two addresses in greenwich, which is not far from woolich, where the man was killed. the bbc is reporting the suspects are british citizens with nigerian connections. not only is yesterday's attack on britain. it is also a betrayal of islam and muslim communities. >> the prime minister also crediting a 48-year-old single mother of two for helping end the violence. she distracted the alleged attackers until police arrived. the woman told british newspaper she saw the attack and responded saying i thought i better start talking to him before he starts attacking somebody else. i thought these people usually have a message so i said, what do you want?
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she then filmed the man's response with her cell phone. her distraction gave police time to move in. they shot the two suspects in the hospital in serious condition this morning. later today, the president will address the nation talking about america's new plan to combat terror groups like al qaeda. we will take you live to washington. officials in moore, oklahoma, say they feel confident they have identified all the people killed in monday's devastating tornado, a total of 24 people, ten of them children, were killed when this massive ef-5 twister ripped right through oklahoma city suburb leveling entire neighborhoods out there. winds over 200 miles per hour. the young victim was just four months old. that was the youngest victim out there. sad, so sad. the disaster zone stretching for more than 17 miles and the damage could top $2 billion. secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, visiting that
5:34 am
area yesterday pledging the government's ongoing support to help rebuild the city. president obama is expected to tu tour the devastation on sunday. jo jodi hernandez is live in moore, oklahoma, getting a firsthand look at the shambles the area is in. people trying to pick up the pieces. another severe thunderstorm hitting the area hampering the cleanup effort. they are also having funerals today. we will have a live report coming up at 6:00. it is 5:34. the chp asking for your help this morning as it tries to figure out how a driver ended up getting impaled on a bay area highway. a metal rod pierced a car's windshield impaling the driver killing him instantly on 580 yesterday morning. the car was found stopped near grant line road east of livermore around 8:00 a.m. the chp says there was a lot of traffic in the area at the time. they say a three-foot long piece
5:35 am
of metal involved in the accident is known as a come-along rod. it is used by truckers to tighten straps that hold downloads on the back of flatbed trucks. unless a witness comes forward, officers may never know where the metal came from. the driver has been identified as michael cox from lodi. he was a father of three. new details being released in the shooting that killed two santa cruz police officers in february. those officers were investigating a sexual assault when the suspect grabbed a gun and shot both of them. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. that report, the results of which are supposed to be announced at a news conference at 10:00 this morning here at santa cruz police headquarters. it should be a joint news conference involving the police, the sheriff's department and the d.a. to announce the results of the review of the shooting deaths of sergeant lauren "butch" baker and elizabeth
5:36 am
baker, two santa cruz police officers who were shot and killed late february by jeremy goulet as they were contacting him about his involvement in a sexual assault. goulet was killed a short time later during a shootout with law enforcement. during this morning's news conference, we expect to hear that baker and butler are cleared of any wrongdoing along with the officers who shot and killed goulet, that their actions were considered a justifiable homicide for the first time. we will also learn the names of those officers that took down goulet. the sheriff's department is also expected to give us a much more in-denth breakdown of the chain of events that led to the deaths of baker and butler. that news conference, a joint news conference between those three agencies scheduled for 10:00 this morning, here at santa cruz police headquarters. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks a lot. >> we want to check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren, certainly cooler.
5:37 am
a brisk start. good morning to you. if you have any problem getting up this morning. need i remind you, it is thursday. you are so close to the weekend now. temperatures are going to persist. we are going to see 70s. it is going to be really nice yet again today. 49 degrees to start. chilly in san jose. 42, gilroy, 50 degrees to start the day in livermore. this is what we are working with for today. those cool ocean breezes continue to pump from the ocean onshore all the way inland today. for us, that means we are going to see kind of a chilly day for the first part. grab your jacket. by noon, only 65 inland. 70 at 4:00 p.m. 65 bayside at the coast. 60 degrees. we will check the drive with mike first of all, we will be looking at the spots on the approach off the san mateo bridge. the winds will probably be a factor as you are crossing over the high rise. chp issued a warning about that over highway 84 about an hour ago. we will look at the maps and show that both crossings are moving smoothly.
5:38 am
the arrow pointing towards your commute. the yellow painted in there. burlingame around the airport as well. that's what's reported. we are tying in traffic and weather together. 84 down through livermore, slow. over towards 680, we have already started the slowing for that entire stretch. no problems at the dublin interchange. we have the big build coming out of the altamont pass. only blocking one lane. that is heading over towards 205. we are still getting details. that's a bad spot, because that's the focus of all your morning commutes. the bay bridge toll plaza, easy backup. back to you. >> thank you very much. the time now is 5:38. the president getting all set to tell the world about america's new tactics in the war on terror. we will have a preview coming from washington next. the new details we are learning about the steel rods that snapped on the bay bridge. the other bay area bridge is already using those same rods.
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good thursday morning. 5:41. president obama turns his focus to national today. the use of unmanned drones is one of the top issues. tracie potts joins us with why this has become such a controversial topic. >> it has become a controversial topic because we have just now learned that the administration has killed four americans. these drones have killed four american citizens since 2009. it is the first time since the administration has revealed that publicly. now, president obama is going to be talking about it in this major policy speech on counter
5:42 am
cri terrorism later today. why now. why terrorism and what does he hope to accomplish? >> he believes that we need to be as transparent about a matter like this as we can. >> what the president is going to do is explain why the drone program is so useful and why it continues to serve a critical role in assuring the threat from al qaeda is eliminated. >> in addition to drones, he is also expected to talk about guantanamo bay, the military prison inxdñ cuba, he has been trying to close since the beginning of his first administration. he is also expected to talk about security and embassies around the world in light of the benghazi attack. the attack that killed four americans and we hear that he may touch on those phone records that were received from journalists tied to terrorism because the administration says they were trying to plug a leak within the administration. >> so interesting. so much to watch as well. thank you very much, tracie.
5:43 am
we are getting details of what may have caused the eight-story garment factory to come down if bangladesh. they say poor quality construction materials and building code violations contributed to last month's big-time disaster. the building owner who was arrested used, quote, extremely poor quality of iron rods and cement. the owner only had permission for a six-story building. authorities say two floors were added illegally. the report also recommends life in prison for those found guilty of violating building codes in the case 5:43. a third uc berkeley student facing charges in connection with the beheading of an exotic bird at a las vegas hotel. the 26-year-old pleaded no contest to charges, including an act of animal cruelty and trespassing. he was a recent cal grad but was not arrested but after a
5:44 am
follow-up investigation where prosecutors traveled to the university, he was asked to appear in court. prosecutors say he encouraged two other cal students to kill the bird at the flamingo hotel and cassie no in octob at the casino in october of last year. the very first sailing since the deadly crash happened several weeks ago. they will be hitting the waters with 37 new safety recommendations, equipment, training and structural review were addressed. there is also a new lower wipd limit. >> it had been 33 knots which you call it 35 miles an hour of wind speeds, we would be running races in september up to that speed. that has now been reduced to 23 knots or call it 25 or 26 miles an hour. >> during this accident, winds were between 25-35 miles her hour were the artemis capsized killing their kim member, andrew
5:45 am
bart simpson. come race time, wind speeds will likely keep the sailors on shore if they hit the speed. america cup officials say the investigation into simpson's death is ongoing. it is too early to tell if any of the new rules would have saved his life. >> i was out on the bay. i noticed those winds that were there. what are we facing? >> choppy on the bay. the one tradeoff is when you lose that wind, the fog can settle in. that's also going to be problematic. we will have to see what they are planning for that. 5:45. let's take you outsigh. there is old glory getting a little bit of pickup here. you can see it is looking pretty good on the drive so far. this is fremont. we are going to check on the rest of the drive with mike. he has been busy this morning. stay tuned. he is up in a couple of minutes. 5:45. mostly clear there. we do have moisture in our atmosphere. that is visible this morning. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to jump from the 40s and 50s just to the 70s. another cool day. that means if you want to do any sort of outdoor activities, it is going to be really, really
5:46 am
comfortable for you to do so. going for a hike, a bike ride, walking the dog, whatever it is you want to do outdoors in the bay area, the beautiful bay area at this time of year. 50 degrees in livermore. here is what we're expecting. cool conditions continue to move onshore. that cool ocean air. that is prompted by an area of low pressure that sits just to our north in the pacific northwest. the southern area has been persistently sitting and spinning to our north over the past three days. that's what's stirring up the wind. that's what's pumping in the cool air. as we head throughout the day, that means temperatures are only going to be able to climb to the 50s and 60s at the coast. we are expecting 60s and 70s in your inland cities. you probably need that jacket for the first part of the day. here are your numbers. 71, livermore. 74, fairfield. 72 degrees in santa rosa. seven-day outlook. an important one when a holiday weekend comes into the mix. looking good. 71 degrees by saturday. on sunday, 72. don't forget, memorial day is going to be cooler than average,
5:47 am
specially if you consider where we hit last year. a very warm day. it might be better to make those plans inland if you can. beautiful inland. 5:47. let's check that drive. good morning, mike. good morning, folks. a big headline. two of them. we will focus on the one here. tri-valley, a lot of slowing cranking it down. we are almost 45 minutes coming off the 205 all the way over toward that dublin interchange in the westbound commute direction. this is through the same area where christi smith talked about that freak accident where thek!c rod went over the car. eastbound, a crash over here. greenville. another one for this area. the sig alert still in place. this box truck, no injuries, only one lane blocked. a chopper tried to head out but couldn't get out because of visibility. eastbound at greenville, that's where we see the slowing. that's unusual for your commute. here, through livermore, 84 continues to slow down from
5:48 am
isabelle all the way down toward 680. no possible leroblems at the du interchange. just a build for north 101. let's get a live look out there with our camera. the volume of traffic, starting to build up. pretty standard north of the 680 and 280 interchange. a live look outside for the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights for another 15-20 minutes. the eastshore freeway moves smoothly. richmond through berkeley, no problems. back to you. bart appears ready to allow bikes on trains at all hours, even during the busy commute times. bart, if you remember, did a one-week test back in march allowing riders to take their bikes on board during rush-hour. it seems like that went very smooth. very few riders actually complained. however, some board members, they still would like to have longer test periods to gauge passenger reaction. the board is planning to take a vote on this issue today. 5:48. crews will be out on the new
5:49 am
span of the bay bridge today preparing to fix 32 broken bolts that prompted a major investigation into the bridge's safety. workers will be preparing the eastern end of the span for steel saddles that will replace the broken bolt. the bolts cracked when they were tightened several weeks ago. caltrans continues to inspect other steel components for any signs of damage. in the meantime, we are learning this same type of steel rods used on the bay bridge were used on the richmond, san rafael bridge a decade earlier. the san francisco chronicle reports that they approved the galvanized high-strength rods for the seismic retrofit in 2001. they were tightened to a far greater tension than those on the bridge. morgan hill police looking for a man that exposed himself to two teenage girls near a school. police say the girls were walking behind the dairy delight
5:50 am
drive-in on monterrey road near britain middle school whether an tolder gmc yukon blocked their path. he raised his body and exposed himself to the girls before driving off. you are asked to please call morgan hill police. it is 5:50. nurses in san jose all ready to trade their scrubs for picket signs. registered nurses at good samaritan regional medical center are set to go on strike today. it is a two-day strike starting this morning. nurses concerned about proposed tension cuts and hospital staffing levels. the strike at u.c. hospitals, including u.c. san francisco is now over. hospital pharmacists, nursing assistants and other health care workers returned to the job at 4:00 this morning. for two days, they marched outside medical centers angry over hospital staffing and their new pension plan while the winner of the $600 million powerball jackpot is down in florida, we will soon learn who won the $2 million
5:51 am
prize in san jose. that very lucky winner matching five of the six numbers, only missing that all-important powerball. still, a pretty good take home. he or she who bought that ticket at this 7-eleven gets that $2 million prize. the identity of this person will be revealed this afternoon at a news conference. in the meantime, the winner of that biggest jackpot in powerball history, close to over a half billion dollars, has yet to be revealed. so that will be fun to watch. that monster check, big smile. >> exactly. what are they going to do? >> everything they want. >> anything they want. no need for fancy boutiques. a big box store that's offering designer wedding dresses. we will show you them next a list of the most powerful women in the world has bay area women on it. one is missing. take a look coming up
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:53 right now. brides or budget, target might be the place for you. the retailer now offering four wedding dresses ranging from $100 to $130. the new gowns will come in ivory or white ranging in sizes from 2-28. they are also offering bridesmaid gowns and flower girl options and jewelry and shoes forbes is named the most powerful woman in the world. no surprise who is one. >> angela merkel. she has topped the list for years and years. i'm not sure what that means. i don't think it is any danger. i'll keep reading. it is not an alarm you need to worry about. you have angela merkel in the middle there.
5:55 am
she has topped that list for years. we have got meg whitman there on the left and cheryl sandberg on the right. local women, there is one glaring error. no mention of fed vice chairman and berkeley resident, janet yellen. she will probably take over for ben bernanke next year. the number of women heads of state, merkel, argentina, korea, brazil, all run by women. they are all on the list. hewlett-packard as that company's turn around seems to be working a bit. huge pressure on the market as the feds worry the fed is wrapping up its easy money policy. out of twitter, adopting two factor authentications to try to cut down on the number of high visibility attacks. twitter feeds belonging to the "associated press." burger king, the onion have been
5:56 am
hacked. if you have done online banking, you know two factor identityfy kags. you have to use a regular pass ward and input a number that's been texted. hopefully, he doesn't have your phone. the one big problem with big organizations is that texts can only be sent to one phone. so only one person can tweet at a time. >> thank you very much. 5:56. let's check back in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. pull out that coat. it is going to be a chilly start to the day with breezy conditions making for a pretty potent windchill factor. 68 in fremont. 60 in san francisco and beautiful san jose today. 68 degrees. we will check that drive with mike let's move quickly here, guys. wind is basicallycuq headline right now. across the san mateo bridge, gusts there as well as the
5:57 am
dumbarton bridge. a smooth drive for both directions. no delays through the castro vall vall vall vall valley y. >> thank you very much. it is 5:57. just because you are 80 doesn't mean you can't accomplish a lifelong dream. >> that's good to know. wait until you see what this guy did. he scaled the world's largest mountain. coming up. plus, on the road to recovery we continue to get new images of the devastation in oklahoma. jodi hernandez is in moore this morning with a live report coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
there is nothing in islam that justifies this law.
6:00 am
new details about the brave woman who tried to reason with the suspect. first, a tornado. now, wind and rain. another round of stormy weather hitting oklahoma as search and rescue efforts turn into a recovery mission. >> plus, a fiery wakeup call in the south bay. look at the aftermath as firefighters piece together the cause of an overnight fire. pumping winds today will keep that fire danger elevated. you want to keep that in mind. temperatures will be cool and then we change yet again getting into that memorial day weekend. as we approach that three-day weekend, we are looking at an unusual thursday. i'll show you where we have those stretches of roadway. that's one you want to avoid. >> let's take a live look from san jose. how about that from the south bay. the sun slowly peeking over the horizon like a big, nice scoop of orange sherbert. on


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